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Joomla 1.6: la RC1 pour le 13 décembre ?

Profitant de la sortie d'une 15ème beta pour la version 1.6 de Joomla, le site officiel annonce que la première Release Candidate devrait sortir le 13 décembre prochain, si toutefois il n'y a pas de problème majeur d'ici là. Une bonne nouvelle pour ceux qui attendent une version exploitable depuis des mois et de mois, et qui désespèrent de mettre enfin les mains sur la gestion avancée des ACL ou les catégories nichées.

En attendant, la beta 15 sortie le 29 novembre corrige environ 81 bugs et failles. Il reste 4 points majeurs bloquant la sortie de la RC1, qu'on pourrait donc voir arriver dans une dizaine de jours.

29-Nov-2010 Mark Dexter
# Sample data fixes (Elin Waring)

29-Nov-2010 Christophe Demko
 # [#23525] Access to media manager & ACL
 # [#23559] Installer does not initialize the asset table when component is installed

29-Nov-2010 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # [#23340] sort order Extension Manager: Manage (filter). Thanks Klas and Christophe.
 # [#23555] Duplicate alias error in home page removes home page of the site. Thanks Mark
 # [#23376] Confirm password reset fails with invalid token. Thanks Ian.
 $ Missing lines in en-GB.xml and xx-XX.xml, missing ini files in xx-XX.
 # [#23539] Administrator custom module causes fatal error when used with com_content. Thanks Ian.
 $ Consolidated some string, adding missing string.
 # [#23557] Super admin requesting password reminder gets wrong Notice. Thanks Christophe.
 # [#23527] Add css3 support for rounded corners to the mozilla/webkit corners in Hathor. Thanks Andrea.
 # [#23450] mod_articles_category register to readmore and alternative readmore Patch attached. Thanks Angie
28-Nov-2010 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # [#22623] stressed titles / utf8 characters don't make it through the return parameter. Thanks Christophe.

28-Nov-2010 Mark Dexter
# [#23501] Custom groups assignment not being honoured in user edit form.
# [#23419] group with create in a single category only (e.g. customer group) user getting 403 errors

27-Nov-2010 Ian MacLennan
 # [#23513] Incorrect PHP function referenced in date()'s phpdoc for second parameter

27-Nov-2010 Mark Dexter
# [#23524] JUser has incorrect static variable $isRoot

27-Nov-2010 Jean-Marie Simonet
 $ Moving a string to library ini.
27-Nov-2010 Christophe Demko
 # [#23523] Add Hathor override for the new My Profile view (Andrea Tarr)
 # [#23526] mod_login module does not display correct URL while redirecting
 $ Typos in behavior.php

26-Nov-2010 Jean-Marie Simonet
 $ [#23449] confusing language in acl tootltip for categories and content
 # [#23476] code editor textarea missing border. Thanks Andrea.

26-Nov-2010 Andrew Eddie
 # Fixed issue [#23495] ACL for Image Manager access to the uploader (Elin Waring, Christophe Demko).

25-Nov-2010 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # Hiding and correcting related to [#23117]
 # [#23505] SEF off url inconsistencies in category routes. Thanks Andrew.
25-Nov-2010 Christophe Demko
 # [#23462] Checkboxes Form Field is not displayed correctly Options panel (Andrea Tarr)
 # [#23460] com_plugins uses wrong JPATH constants (Ian MacLennan)
 # [#23461] Wrong JPATH constant use in JHtmlEditor (Ian MacLennan)
 # [#23465] Incorrect group attribute set for content search plugin (CY Lee)
 # [#23451] Bring com_search closer to XHTML strict (site) (Rouven Weßling)
 $ [#23473] Default Access Level tooltip (bill richardson)

25-Nov-2010 Andrew Eddie
 # Fixed issue [#23469] Category field for save is showing unauthorized categories (Elin Waring).
 # Fixed issue [#23445] Display of categories layouts has changed and is now incorrect (Elin Waring, bill richardson, Omar Ramos).
 # Fixed issue [#23454] Article Select in modal won't select if you've searched or filtered in Hathor (Andrea Tarr).

24-Nov-2010 Ian MacLennan
 # [#23430] some jhtml behavior's load twice code
 # [#23425] Use the correct Icon for a new Article in Category List view
 # [#23117] Add missing fields to Category Edit

24-Nov-2010 Jean-Marie Simonet
 $ Changing module manager state filter to Published/Unpublished to be consequent.
 #$ [#23448] typo in en-GB.ini language file. Normalizing strings to use global.
 $^ Adding a string accidentally deleted, code cleaning.
 #$ [#23475] Redirect manager state - published or enabled. Thanks Bill.

23-Nov-2010 Christophe Demko
 # [#23432] The installer has some issues with schema updates
 $^ hiding the 'extension' field (no longer needed) while editing a category + set the 'rules' field label not translatable

23-Nov-2010 Jean-Marie Simonet
 $ Deleting unused strings. Reordering strings in some ini files.
 # [#23447] image truncated by row height. Thanks Andrea.
 $^ Deleting unused strings and css, completing setting the 'rules' field label not translatable
 $ Updating xx-XX plg_user.ini and ordering some strings.

22-Nov-2010 Christophe Demko
 #$ Fix a language loading file
 # [#23434] Installer outputs closing tag at the end of configuration.php (Ian MacLennan)

22-Nov-2010 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # [#23368] Missing styles for unpublished items in the list views. Thanks Elin and Bill.
 # [#23276] Fix left edge of header lines. Thanks Viet and Michael.

21-Nov-2010 Mark Dexter
# Sample data fixes (Elin Waring)

21-Nov-2010 Christophe Demko
 # $ Translating the label field instead of the name field in JLIB_FORM_VALIDATE_FIELD_INVALID error
 # [#23409] Category Icon on Components Menu
 # [#23278] media_manager from JToolbarHelper throws javascript errors

21-Nov-2010 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # [#23361] default template in component.php view always in use

20-Nov-2010 Ian MacLennan
 # [#22962] Mootools Library Upgrade

20-Nov-2010 Jean-Marie Simonet
 $ Updating xx-XX.com_media.ini to [#23370]
 # [#23392] Use Article settings missing from some menu items. Thanks Bill.
 #$ [#23416] Adding descriptions in the images modal
 # [#23413] Module Article categories. Thanks Mark
 # [#23303] Newfeed layouts should show unpublished feeds if logged in. Thanks Mark.
20-Nov-2010 Mark Dexter
 # [#23380] Category manager allows deleting a category that has items assigned to it
 # [#21581] mod_articles_category Fixes. (Omar Ramos)

20-Nov-2010 Christophe Demko
 # [#23355] Access level special now manager and above (Elin Waring)
 # [#23342] Front end editing not working in some layouts (bill richardson)
 # [#21638] maximum upload size inconsistency (Ian MacLennan, Rouven Weßling, bill richardson)
 # Fix a small issue in templatestyle field

19-Nov-2010 Mark Dexter
# Remove duplicate article in sample data

19-Nov-2010 Christophe Demko
 ^ Fix Check for request forgeries
 # [#23397] return false; on config tabs throwing javascript error (Al Kent)
 # [#23370] *Modal Non-flash Uploader does not work
 # [#23359] com_contact template produces invalid markup (Rouven Weßling)

19-Nov-2010 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # [#23367] The secure parameter in menu item is not used. Thanks Christophe.
 # [#23304] List Weblinks in a Category doesn't show unpublished weblinks for logged in users. Thanks Mark.
 # [#22525] Mod_menu menu image no span with link-title anymore. Thanks Angie.
 $ Deleting libraries strings from lang installation as the library is now loaded there.
 $ Modifying a string value.
 # [#23408] Keep UI consistent for default home page in multilingual site. Thanks Christophe.
 # [#23388] mod_menu. Thanks James, Bill, Rouven

18-Nov-2010 Jean-Marie Simonet
$ Adding missing strings

18-Nov-2010 Andrew Eddie
 ! Added SQL diff for beta 14 to 'next version'.

17-Nov-2010 Mark Dexter
 # [#22484] JFolder::files() does not pass exclude parameters when recursing
 # Follow up on [#23360] to include two image files

17-Nov-2010 Christophe Demko
 # [#23197] onUserBeforeSave needs to be able cancel the creation of an account (Andrew Eddie)
 # [#23208] Logout from edit screen gives 403
 # [#23150] Error if menu alias = "component" (Elin Waring)
 # [#23325] Component Setting should get an apply button (Dennis Hermacki)
 # [#23305] No checking to ensure behavior.keepalive only gets loaded once. (Ian MacLennan)
 # [#23360] component_view Email to a friend etc. Patch attached (Angie Radtke)
 # [#23352] Text alignment issues at Pre-Installation check screen (Tim Plummer)
 # [#23310] Empty Components Sub-menu Displayed (Michael Babker)
 # [#23333] User information lost if get error message when trying to create (Michael Babker)
 # [#22712] *Port issue when uploading image with image button (Ian MacLennan)
 # [#23345] Attaching onFireEvent causes plugins to return an extra (empty) result set

17-Nov-2010 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # Added icon for the new My Profile menu [#23347]
 # [#23363] Menu_Item_Root is not translatable + some strings
 $ Missing string values
 # [#23365] Images can be inserted anymore. Thanks Rouven.
17-Nov-2010 Andrew Eddie
 # Fixed issue [#23347] Move profile editing out of com_users and into com_admin
 # Fixed issue [#23110] Any user with create or edit rights to com_user can make a group a superadmin group (Elin Waring).
 # Fixed issue [#23348] Improve scaling architecture for users and groups lists.
 # Fixed issue [#23241] Saving category while validating rules fails (Mark Dexter, Christophe Demko).
 # Fixed issue [#21837] @todo ACL - Disallow creation of Super User & Admin group by non Super User (Michael Babker, Christopher Garvis, Elin Waring).
 # Fixed issue [#23306] "Add New Article" quick icon permissions check (Michael Babker, Elin Waring, Christophe Demko).
 # Fixed issue [#22868] Improving permissions debug (Dennis Hermacki, Andrea Tarr).
16-Nov-2010 Christophe Demko
 # Fix the Edit profile permission

16-Nov-2010 Mark Dexter
# [#23328] Unpublished category - Featured - Errors in content and contact component

16-Nov-2010 Jean-Marie Simonet
 $ Deleting redundant strings.
 $ Correcting wrong EOL from [#23184]
 # [#23334] error in sample data. Thanks Dennis.

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