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Joomla 1.7.1 disponible

La version 1.7.1 de Joomla est désormais disponible.

Il s'agit d'une mise à jour de sécurité corrigeant notamment des vulnérabilités XSS (cross scripting) ainsi que la diffusion accidentelle d'informations au moment de l'installation. Cette version corrige environ 93 bugs et points notifiés dans le  bug tracker.

Cette version intègre également une petite nouveauté, un module de statut multilingue permettant de synthétiser les erreurs potentielles et les réglages de son site dans le cas d'un site multilingue (plug-in désactivé, menu dépubliés, etc).

La mise à jour peut bien sûr se faire via le processus de mise à jour automatique de Joomla 1.6/1.7, ou manuellement en téléchargeant le fichier sur notre page téléchargements.

Attention : cette mise à jour est assez volumineuse (1,5Mo). Si vous rencontrez des problèmes pour l'installer, décompressez l'archive sur votre ordinateur, puis transférer le répertoire ainsi décompressé dans le répertoire temporaire de votre site Joomla (normalement tmp), rendez-vous dans votre administration, dans la Gestion des extensions, Installer depuis un dossier, et cliquez sur Installer.

-------------------- 1.7.1 Stable Release [26-Sep-2011] ------------------

26-Sep-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # [#26872] Problem installing with another language than default

25-Sep-2011 Mark Dexter
 # [#24654] No change in 'Menu Manager: Menus', if module was assigned to other menu in shadowbox showed after click to link 
            in 'Modules Linked to the Menu' column in 'Menu Manager: Menus'
 # [#26390] Database password with fails with Connector returned number: Unable to connect to the Database
 # [#26574] Weblinks - several issues
 # [#26695] Search word is required for com_search view
 # [#26867] Updating README
 # Small sample data fix

23-Sep-2011 Christophe Demko
 # [#26844] Improvements to batch processing

22-Sep-2011 Mark Dexter
 # [#26756] Prepare 1.7.1 upgrade process
 # [#26522] Client does not properly display in Extension Manager Update view
 # [#26824] Sync more changes form platform 11.2
 # [#26822] Fix some minor code style differences between trunk and 11.2
 # [#26715] Add stats toolbar icon

22-Sep-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 $ Updating installation ini files: sk-SK. Correcting a typo in com_languages.ini
 + Added Macedonian flag to media/mod_languages/images/ . Thanks Ilija
 $ [#26852] *mod_multilangstatus missing case

21-Sep-2011 Mark Dexter
 # Fix sample data to correct #__redirect_links table definition

21-Sep-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 $ Updating installation ini files: pt-PT, pt-BR
 # [#26552] Languagefilter plugin - wrong default for menu_association
 $ Adding installation Basque language: eu-ES

20-Sep-2011 Mark Dexter
 # Sample data fixes (Elin Waring)
 # [#26451] Favicon disappears
 # [#24275] Submenu items in deeper menu-levels appear although they have no active parent item

20-Sep-2011 Christophe Demko
 # [#26803] xx-XX.lib_joomla.ini file not installed into /language/xx-XX folder (Jean-Marie Simonet)
 # [#26829] Sample data module pages new styling and style corrections. (Jennifer Marriott, Elin Waring)
 # [#26793] Add joomlacms and cli folders (Elin Waring)
 # [#26836] Update robots.txt due to the commit of 26793
 # [#26837] *Wrong param in display date in category listing (Jean-Marie Simonet)
 # [#26673] Front end article display duplication/omission when author linked to trashed contact or when two contacts linked to same user (Elin Waring)
 # [#26823] Sync JParameter changes from platform 11.2 (Rouven Weßling)

18-Sep-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # [#26827] Loadmodule plugin ignores its style setting. Thanks Elin
 $ Updating installation ini files: pl-PL
 # [#26818] File and package installations are not updateable via the Joomla! Updater. Thanks Michael.

17-Sep-2011 Mark Dexter
 # [#25471] JUpdate target platform test
 # [#26781] Sync more changes form platform 11.2

17-Sep-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 $ Updating installation ini files: nl-NL
 # [#26814] [#26423] com contact - rendered extra string via var_dump(). Thanks Peter.
 # [#26792] Modules position filter looks odd and behaves wrongly in modules view. Includes joomla.sql and 170to171.sql updates

16-Sep-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 $ Updating installation ini files: et-ET, he-IL, tr-TR
 $ Updating installation ini files: gd-GB
 $ Updating installation ini files: az-AZ

15-Sep-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 $ Updating installation ini files: ro-RO, fa-IR, fr-FR
 $ Updating installation ini files: ca-ES, th-TH

14-Sep-2011 Mark Dexter
 # [#26423] com contact -- add finishing touches to sortname fields*
 # [#26542] Modules manager showing error of undefined constant COM_MODULES_ERR_XML
 # [#26498] Beez 5 default values
 # [#26534] Make the installation more suitable for smaller screens
 # Follow-up patch to [#26784] New Multilanguage Status module to fix database update

14-Sep-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 #$ Updating installation ini files: ckb-IQ, ja-JP, km-KH, pl-PL, ru-RU, ta-IN
 # Updating admin en-GB.xml for new ini files
 $ Improving mod_languages and languagefilter plugin xml ini files descriptions

13-Sep-2011 Mark Dexter
 # Fix inconsistent datatype in database update script
 # Fix typo in sample data
 # Reverted [#26423] because it broke two system tests
 # [#26784] New Multilanguage Status module

13-Sep-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 $ Updating installation ini files: af-ZA, bs-BA, da-DK, de-DE, el-GR, fr-FR, hr-HR, lv-LV, mk-MK, nb-NO, nn-NO, sk-SK, sv-SE, sy-IQ, uk-UA
 $ Updating installation ini files: be-BY, hu-HU, sr-RS, sr-YU
 # [#26356] Users can lock everyone out of the administrator. Thanks Irfan and Elin.
 # [#26423] com contact -- add finishing touches to sortname fields. Thanks Elin.
 $ Updating installation ini files: es-ES, fi-FI, it-IT, zh-TW. Adding Bulgarian language.
12-Sep-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # [#26753] Login description containing markup displayed regardless of presence of content
 # [#26766] Modules should be able to be saved with no position. Thanks Elin.

10-Sep-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # [#24310] Users Manager Log In Form Required Field Indicator. Thanks Bill
08-Sep-2011 Christophe Demko
 # [#26609] Template manager missing toolbar icons
 # [#26502] untranslated string from *.xml
 # [#26644] Trash option available while viewing trashed items

07-Sep-2011 Mark Dexter
 # [#25307] Improper datatypes in database
 # [#26691] Sync more changes from platform 11.2
 # [#26474] Remove unused view file in com_installer

06-Sep-2011 Christophe Demko
 # [#26694] Catchable fatal error: Object of class DateTimeZone could not be converted to string

06-Sep-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
# [#25761] wasted space by images / javascript source files. Fixed images. Thanks Marius
# [#26717] Multi-language site, setting new user language always to default

05-Sep-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 #Correcting wrong formatting of mod_articles_category.xml
04-Sep-2011 Christophe Demko
 # [#26701] com_content Form View $article object that does not exist in the _prepareDocument method on line 115. (Jean-Marie Simonet)
 # [#26710] Clean up admin and installation CSS (Rouven Weßling)
 # [#26518] Menus caching issue (Dennis Hermatski)
 # [#26682] Typo in sample data (Marijke Stuivenberg, Kevin Griffiths)

03-Sep-2011 Christophe Demko
 # [#26706] No translation when adding extra quick icons (Rune Sjøen)

02-Sep-2011 Christophe Demko
 # [#26690] Test for native ZIP in system information + some minor stuff (Rouven Weßling, Jean-Marie Simonet)

28-Aug-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # [#26696] *Register to read more redirects to login page, not registration. Thanks Elin.
 # [#26026] Detect a BOM in configuration.php. Thanks René.
 # [#26657] *Sample data button can be clicked twice. Thanks Rouven.
 # [#26512] Moving an existing single menuitem to another menu. using the drop down in 1.7.0 Thanks Elin.
 # [#26496] Inconsistency in Admin Template options - Show Site Name. Thanks Bill.
 # Correcting 2 unwanted Returns in 2 language files.
24-Aug-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 #$ Added Scottish Gaelic gd-GB in installation language
 $ Correcting some strings order in en-GB.lib_joomla.ini
 $ Added 2 JLIB error strings in en-GB, en-AU, en-US ini files
 # Updated Credits
23-Aug-2011 Mark Dexter
 # [#26631] Sync more changes from platform 11.2
 # Revert [#26631] (use branch merge instead)

23-Aug-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # [#26683] Language switcher module wrong link with menu associations when no SEF. Thanks Kelsang.
22-Aug-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # [#26454] mod_languages: cache does not work properly with menu associations
 # [#26654] Incorrect references to com_user. Thanks Michael.
 # Deleted obsolete admin modules mod_online and mod_unread from joomla.sql
 $ String missing in en-GB.plg_content_joomla.sys.ini
 $ Sync beez2 ini files in beez language folder vs core language.
19-Aug-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # [#26655] *Ordering column issue for _menu table in sample_data.sql

18-Aug-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # [#26612] Contacts Component sets Reply-To incorrectly in 1.7. Thanks Piotr.
 # [#26318] CSS for system message should be the same in installation screen and the rest?. Thanks Rouven.

12-Aug-2011 Mark Dexter
 # [#26448] global configuration broken in IE9
 # [#26533] Sync more changes from platform 11.2
 # [#26452] Warning in the search
 # [#26445] Undefined index: CLIENT in updater\adapters\collection.php
 # [#26501] [patch] fix for router notices *
 # [#26594] Update TinyMCE to version 3.4.4
 # [#26601] Powered By 1.6 image
 # [#26350] Improve the headings in the installation
 # [#26431] Typo in new installation using the sample data

08-Aug-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 #$ [#26535] Incorrectly labeled folder in the Media manager + Options tips
 # [#26568] Missing return in modeladmin.php. Thanks Jacob. (lib change)
 # [#26603] Flash uploader is broken. Thanks Rouven.
03-Aug-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 $ Updating installation language files: hr-HR, pt-PT
 #$ [#26543] com_modules language has a typo. Thanks Daniel and Elin.

01-Aug-2011 Mark Dexter
 # [#26459] Alternative Menu Items / JCategoryNode Showing Errors

28-Jul-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # [#26510] wrong file name. Thanks Bill
 $ [#26499] Incorrect English not en-GB. Thanks Jacob 
 $ [#26497] Incorrect English in template. Thanks Bill
 $ [#26500] Improve English grammar. Thanks Bill.
 $ [#26416] Incorrect terminology in Language Switcher module. Thanks Jacob.
25-Jul-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # [#26490] Untranslated Strings DELETE="Delete" Media Manager > Details View in iframe
 # [#26470] No translation in title column of module manager (lib change)
 # [#26483] Syndication RSS Feeds (module) not working in Joomla! 1.7.0 Stable
 # [#26446] Loadposition does not load more then one module. Thanks Elin.

22-Jul-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 $ Updating installation ini files: pl-PL, ta-IN, it-IT

20-Jul-2011 Jean-Marie Simonet
 # Removing install check
 # [#26443] PHP version check at installation says Joomla 1.6
 # [#26432] Banners Manager - trash icon visible when no trashed banners. Thanks Bill.
 # [#26433] banner manager- clients - empty trash icon. Thanks Bill.
 #  [#26396] Fix some mistyped and @package names in the CMS. Thanks Rune.

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